Monday, April 6, 2009

You Think We Have Rivalries In North America...?

From Bogota, Columbia:

A Colombian soccer player was knocked unconscious before a game when he was hit by a rock thrown by a fan of a rival team.

Deportivo Cali defender Juan Guillermo Dominguez was treated for head injuries and released from a hospital Monday, one day after Millonarios supporters threw bottles, bricks and stones at Cali's team bus before a Colombian league match...

...Dominguez said the crowd hurled objects at the bus about 200 metres from the stadium. He was knocked unconscious for five minutes and was taken straight to the hospital with a piece of glass lodged in his eye. (TSN)

Glass lodged in his eye?? Can you imagine how the world would be turned upside down if Tom Brady got stoned upside the head before a game against the Jets!?!

The doctors go on the say Dominguez will be out of action for five days....I'm pretty sure that's how long it takes Vince Carter to recover from a hangnail.

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