Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marshawn Lynch Vows To Change His Ways, Profile Picture

Lynch, the running back who is preparing to enter his third season in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills had a face-to-face meeting with NFL commish Roger Goodell yesterday stemming from a misdemeanor gun charge from February. The incident which was his second run-in with the cops in less than a year but now says he's a changed man.

"It has kind of sunk in, and I felt that this was the next step to letting you guys know that there will be a change," Lynch said. "I never had the intention of getting into trouble or anything like that.

"I honestly see a suspension coming, but that comes with the consequences," Lynch said.

The next step in his recovery, getting a new profile picture for ESPN

This was the beautiful grill I had to stare at last season every time I played an opponent who owned Lynch in my fantasy football draft (which I, by the way, dominated and won)...well, at the very least I'm sure it instills fear into the opponent and probably his own mother as well.

In other somewhat related news...
Why do we feel somewhat unsurprised when we read on an NBA injury report "Out 1-3 weeks: Gun Shot Wound" as we did today with Carl Landry of the Houston Rockets when he was reportedly accidentally shot near his home?

Has it come to the point where a gunshot wound in basketball is on par with 'strained oblique' and 'separated pinkie toe' in the level of intrigue it incites?

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