Thursday, February 5, 2009

And you thought your Super Bowl bet was bad...

Professional poker player Phil Ivey reportedly lost $800,000 during the first half of the Super Bowl when James Harrison intercepted Kurt Warner's pass on the goal-line with under 30 seconds to go and took it 100 yards to the house for a score.

The score before this happened was 10-7 Steelers and Ivey had bet on the Cards +3.5 in the first half. Being down by three, all the cards needed to do was NOT LET SOMEONE RUN THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE FIELD ON THE FINAL PLAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN...but of course, that is exactly what happened and Ivey lost the bet and the cash.

He reportedly gained most if not all of that money back on bets he made in the second half and may have even ended the game in the positive...but still, that's $800,000 he won't forget about for a looong looong time.

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