Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well hi everyone,
I am the Lonely Sports Bum (LSB). Having decided that I spend way too much of my - already excessive - free time reading sports blogs and seeing many of my friends write their own, I have decided to start one for myself.
In my first blog, I'd just like to give y'all some idea as to what to expect.

I'll be posting mostly on sporting issues, either relating to on-field/ice/court/grass/clay/water/snow/turf/horse events and also non box-score related stuffs also.

I'll be linking a lot to funny and insightful posts that I see from my favourite sites - you can check those out in my posts or on my favourite blog links to the right.

So enjoy what comes out of my brain, sometimes it'll be funny if I'm lucky, and often times it will just be meant to induce some outer body mid-60's electric-kool-aid type responses.

Ciao for niao

The Lonely Sports Bum

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