Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From King David, To King Solomon, To King James?

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately, it's been a busty few weeks between work and the holidays.

Word on the street is that Lebron James will be a part of Time Magazine's newest "Time 100" edition, which essentially ranks the most influential people in the world. For that article they asked him which person not already on the list he would most like to see added.

His response, Jay Schottenstein...umm, who?

Well, for those of you who don't know, Schottenstein is an Ohio businessman who funded the Artscroll's translation of the Jewish Talmud into English, French and Hebrew (from it's original Aramaic). The Schottenstein Talmud is read by more than two million people worldwide and is one of the most popular editions available.

But how is he connected to Lebron James?

Jewish blogs such as The Jewish Journal and Heeb are going crazy with speculation that James might be considering a move to the tribe. While that kind of conjecture might be a little premature, it's interesting that of all the people Lebron could have chosen to answer with, Schottenstein would be his choice and the translations would be his reason.

Though it stands to reason that having grown up and played his entire career to this point in Ohio would have led the high-profile James to meet with Schottenstein, it's puzzling how he, of all people, has had such an impact on the life of this 6"8 megastar.

Maybe James has been trading brisket recipes with Jordan Farmar, the only Jewish basketball player currently in the league (according to my research anyways).

Hey, if James does decide to convert, let me be the first to wish him a Mazal Tov. I'll bring a bottle of Manischevitz to his bris.

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